An experimental book as a representation of the E. M. Forster’s novel ‘The Machine Stops’. We were strictly prohibited to use any kind of images or illustrations, and therefore I ended up with a format when a book became an illustration itself. The dark blue tones were used to convey the atmosphere of a city under the ground.

The people in the novel were living in separate blocks, therefore I decided to split the text into bits to show how slow the people could be in something structured in a wrong way. 

Since everything was happening under the ground, I used UV inks that could be seen only by UV light. Instead of the traditional paper cover, the decision was made to go for acrylic box with screen printed letters on it, thereby making the book look like a part of  the Machine.  



Adobe InDesign, AdobePhotoshop, Adobe Illustrator.




Layout design, screen-printing, case making (3d workshop). 


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