The project was about exploration of London architecture and the way it might cause certain phobias, such as, for example, batophobia (fear of high objects) or spectrophobia (fear of mirrors) etc. In this context skyscrapers could be considered as some of the best examples of architectural structures that have the power over people’s subconsciousness. 

This is 360 video. Use your mouse or touchpad to navigate.

The video is based on the idea of an architectural exhibition when suddenly a visitor finds himself surrounded by a growing number of skyscrapers. Thus the reality becomes more like the one experienced by the those struggling with botophobia (fear of high objects).

The aim of the project was not to help those struggling with phobias, but rather to educate the people who have had not idea about such disorders. Therefore, the decision was made to create a VR experience and the outcome was effective enough to impress the audience. 

It was a totally new experience for me as I had never thought of VR reality as the one that could be played as a YouTube video. This turned out to be quite a good solution for the brief.



Adobe Illustrator, Adobe After Effects, AdobePhotoshop.




Photography, animation, VR.


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